François Legault says where the best poutine is in Quebec

François Legault says in a publication where you can find the best poutine in Quebec. For him, it takes place at Resto Le L'Assom in L'Assomption. Here is what he said: " I HAVE FOUND THE BEST POUTINE IN QUEBEC! Obviously, it is in my riding at Resto Le L'Assom. Once you take a bite of it, you can't stop. That's why you have to go in moderation. Not too often! Fries: Homemade, cooked in oil and just crispy enough. Cheese: Fresh, light and in good quantity. The famous "skouik-skouik" was there! Sauce: Simply sublime! Creamy and salty as you wish. A 9.5 out of 10! It is worth the detour! And you? Where's your favorite poutine? »

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