Pierre-Yves McSween is insulted following his column on Paul Arcand's show

During his column on the Paul Arcand show, Pierre-Yves McSween spoke about the frustrations of buyers in the real estate industry. At a certain point, Pierre-Yves approaches a not too correct strategy which he has already witnessed. He explains: " Another strategy ... there Paul, I'm going to talk to you just between you and me because it's not a very correct strategy. Since the offers to purchase are made, say, more electronically, there is less of this problem there. But there are some who say I like to submit the offer myself, here I am telling you about a situation that I saw but I cannot tell you that it is a common rule. So let's say you have a couple who really want to buy a house. The house is listed at $ 450, but the couple do not know the price that will sell. The broker signs 000 offers to buy, one at $ 2 and one at $ 435. And there when he is going to make the offer to purchase, he tries to take the pulse ... there I don't want the brokers to write to me this morning to tell me that I am saying that they are crooked, c is not that, I give an example that I knew. The broker arrives with 000-460 envelopes in his pockets and depending on the information he is able to pull in a very sympathetic way, say, he pulls out the correct envelope. I admit it's strong! But I didn't say it, I don't want to have a complaint this morning, it's the penultimate of the season. ". Even if he mentions on several occasions that he is recounting a situation he witnessed, Pierre-Yves McSween has received several inappropriate messages.

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