Ginette Reno explains why she doesn't sing at the Bell Center

During an interview on Patrick Lagacé's show, columnist Catherine Beauchamp did an interview with Ginette Reno. From the start of the interview, we talk about his participation in the Uber Eats ad with Loud. We learn that there will be a second, and Ginette will be disguised as a rapper.

The question we were all waiting for comes when Patrick Lagacé asks her if she will sing at the Bell Center before a Montreal Canadiens game. Ginette replies: "Nobody called me… nobody asked me, no! ". Catherine goes on to say that everyone is asking why Ginette does not sing the national anthem before the match. Ginette replies: " I ask myself the same question ... ah it's in the universe, we're going to launch this in the universe ". We ask if she is still interested, Ginette replies: " Well I never refused, he offers me a hot dog when I'm going to sing, I'm going to go for sure. ". Patrick tells her that she is the lucky charm of Canadians, the great singer replies: "You are kind to tell me that, I hope, I shouldn't go singing and they lose that night… that would be terrible… maybe they are also afraid to call me to lose! They might be afraid of losing so I'll let them win. ". The ball is in the Canadiens' court, are they going to call our Ginette for Thursday? (via That's what it is, eh)


Marc Hervieux has confirmed that he will sing on Thursday:


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