Conspiracy activists attack journalist Isabelle Hachey from La Presse

Following his article on Didier Raoult, La Presse journalist Isabelle Hachey has received a lot of hate messages from conspirators. In a Twitter post, the reporter wrote: “ Baon. They've just unleashed the horde of enraged conspirators against me. My apologies to my bosses, the FPJQ and the Press Council, who will no doubt be inundated with complaints today. PS You can stop calling me, gang. I won't answer. ". This morning Isabelle Hachey shared horrible messages that she received: " Anthology. It is to this world that the oddballs of the "Foundation for the Defense of the Rights and Freedoms of the People" advise to "have fun" and call me directly. Fortunately, they specify to remain "calm and polite". ". Several journalists and public figures give their support to Isabelle.


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