The most unusual carrots that can be found on the web

One of the trends currently on the web is funky carrots. Who knew carrots could be so fun? A bit distorted and it's character festival! Seriously! It would be impossible not to burst out laughing if they found their way onto your plates. Here is a gallery of carrots that caught our attention, and which will undoubtedly put a smile on your face.


The Boys Band


Carrot Buzz Lightyear




Carrot Bouncer


Carrots in aerobic mode


Carrot on the lookout


The contortionists


The carrot that won't let you go to work


Carrots with arthritis



High five!






Carrots in yoga


Carrot at the spa


The mannequin carrot



Carrots in line-up at the opening of the terraces


The hip hop carrot


Yes, I want it!


The carrot on the way to his pedicure


The carrot that hit its toes



The Best Friends


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A man goes wild on Olivier Primeau's frozen poutine


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LCN Antenna Chief Michel Jean comments on an inappropriate message on his origins that he received


A funny moment between Radio-Canada antenna Patrice Roy and meteorologist Pascal Yiacouvakis