Guy A Lepage did not like Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge's intervention during Eric Duhaime's interview

In one tete à tete with journalist Marc Cassivi from La Presse, Guy A Lepage reviewed several events that took place during the 17th season of Tout le monde en parle. In answering a question, he touched on the segment where “ Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge who speaks for six minutes in place of Eric Duhaime". Guy A Lepage really did not appreciate the long speech: “ In assembly, I would have liked that to the oil changes. I was really in tabarnak! I couldn't finish my interview. He was glad, Duhaime, to walk away knowing that I hadn't had time to ask the three or four most difficult questions. ».


Eric Duhaime answered him by throwing him a challenge:


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