David Goudreault's letter to mental health on the show Bonsoir Bonsoir

Author David Goudreault recited a powerful letter to mental health on Bonsoir Bonsoir. He sends an important message to people during this unique time which affects so many people.


The full text:


Dear, dear mental illness
Expensive in the sense of ten billion dollars a year, just in Canada,
With the absenteeism that you cause
Dear in pill too, Millions of doses to make the world work
In a world that wouldn't work without its Xanax, Seroquel, Ativan
And dear in lost happiness, in hanging friends
Do you know some too, have you known some, nearly a thousand souls lost in Quebec each year
How many more are all broken from within, but still stand
Out of breath, out of arms
For how long?
Even when the government asks you if it's okay
You know it's not okay ...
If you're not the CEO of the SAQ or of a plexiglass factory
There's a good chance you've got your ass full, or your mask full
Under the faded rainbows of one too many autumn
By the ton, we all have a bit of a mental strain ...
Seems to say mental health disorder, rather than illness
But when I see the evil you do, the dreams you destroy
I tell myself that your little name doesn't change the ruins you leave behind
Disorder, sickness or madness; you play us in 'head the better to break our hearts
But we can counter you, a little, detab you
Welcome the mad, the cracked up full of light, the cuckoos, the users or beneficiaries
Put love and humor in our services, that they remain proud
To be, and to be apart, and in its own right
But be careful, don't get mentally ill who wants to
Do not confuse depression with major depression
If your boyfriend leaves you for your sister and he leaves you only herpes and 100k dollars in debt when you leave
It's okay to average feeler, for a few days
Worse if you wake up because your house is on fire and two hooded neo-Nazis threaten you with a flamethrower, snickering
Your little heartbeat isn't anxiety, it's fear; I would tell you that this is a pretty normal reaction
Worse if you're ever able to make up your mind, say one thing and its opposite in the same day
You're not psychotic, you're just a minister dealing with a pandemic
In any case, if the distress persists, insist, get stuck in your guts
Rots your life from inside to the point of slowly dying
To the point of dying a little bit, every day
With a clenched fist that strikes in the mirror, to be able to see the bottle
Call for help, disembark at the hospital, at the CIusssususus or at the police station
Shout it, write it down, show it that your mind is broken
Worse requires quality services, there are
And by dint of asking, there will be even more
Coiled up against you, mental illness, everyday
I know you can reveal the best in us
The Human is one of those things that sometimes has to be broken to see its heart
So full of admiration, for all those who recover from a relapse
For all those who don't let their BPD ruin their relationships
For those who take their dose, respect the dosage and who dare to say no to the glass or to the extra poffe that could trigger a new psychosis
For newborn parents who won't let their attachment disorder fuck their children or the love they have to give them
I lift my verses to all those who know that we can have an illness and be in good health, all the same
To you, my loved ones, who remind me that it just doesn't happen to others
If one day I hear voices, I hope it will be yours

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