Juan Joya Borja, the man with the Internet's famous giggles, has died at the age of 65

Spanish comedian Juan Joya Borj, aka El Risitas, died on Wednesday at the age of 65. He was originally one of the most well-known memes on the internet with a segment where he had an infectious giggle. It's in a 2007 video where Juan can be seen on a Spanish TV show telling an anecdote about his experience as a diver in a seaside restaurant. he tries to tell his story, but everyone laughs all the time. Internet users then resumed the video to add humorous subtitles. Last September, the comedian had to have his leg amputated due to vascular problems. Several French fans had collected 14 euros so that he could buy a wheelchair. He had been deeply moved, and he had promised in a video to go see his fans in France to thank them. Unfortunately, He didn't have time.


The original video:


One of the many versions with humorous subtitles:


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