New York Post columnist hated her time in Montreal because of sanitary rules

Emma-Jo Morris, a New York Post columnist born in Montreal, was visiting her hometown. She did not appreciate the health rules of Quebec and Canada. She finds that the city does not look like what it used to be and that life in Montreal is really different than in New York. Several public figures have commented on his series of 5 tweets on the subject. Olivier Niquet wrote on his site Goudaille: "This NY Post columnist visited the Covidian apocalypse in Montreal." Simon-Olivier Fecteau commented: “New York is much more alive than Montreal at the moment. I have always supported the government, from the start, but there may be excess at the moment. ". Daniel Thibault replied: " They have a head start on vaccination, that's all. In two months here, it will be a whole different story. We do not want to relive the scenario of Quebec in March: opening, yeah! Selfie in restaurants… Then we are taken to close everything, school included. ».


Here is the series of tweets / Translation is done by the excellent Frédéric Guindon from the Sac de Chip gang


“I have just returned to the United States from Canada, and the difference in the lifestyles between these two democratic and free Western countries is startling. Canada is in a massive humanitarian crisis. 0 economic activity, curfews, rationing of vaccines. One of the happiest nations and its people have been broken ”.

“People can't even walk outside in peace. Police harass for wearing masks outdoors, in parks, etc. They separate couples lying on the grass. People put prescriptions in their pockets to go for a walk outside at night, to have a "pharmacy" excuse if they get arrested "

“The high-tech specialized professions have 0 opportunities. People like engineers cling to their jobs and their lives on a daily basis. All people can and do is stay home alone and smoke government pot. It's a real joke. "

“For those who ask, I was in Montreal, where I grew up. One of the most beautiful, dynamic, safe and culturally vibrant cities on Earth. It no longer has the shadow of its former glory. "

And she ended by sharing this tweet:

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