It brews very strong between Sugar Sammy and Jean-François Lisée

It all starts when Sugar Sammy made a publication on the front page of the Journal de Montreal. The comedian addressed Pierre-Karl Pédadeau saying: " You cannot confuse PFK and PKP: One sells mustard and the other is a restaurant. ». Jean-François Lisée wrote to Sugar to ask how he was going to make a living following his post: " I agree with you so much dear @sugarsammy ! Jokes, derision, caricature about all ethnic groups is unacceptable. Change of subject: What are you going to do for a living now? #justasking ". Shortly after reading Jean-François's message, Sugar sent him a reply with bite: " I thought I would become the leader of a sovereignist party led by big names like Lévesque and Bouchard and destroy it with stupid ideas but you have already done it #JustReplying #HaveANiceDay ».


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