Noémie Dufresne responds to those who advertise on her Instagram and Facebook accounts

Noémie Dufresne has been talked about a lot since she created her OnlyFans account last February. She had instant success and it doesn't seem to be running out of steam. The influencer recently did a series of Instastories where she takes the time to answer questions from her followers. The content creator gives candid answers and she is not afraid to reveal her opinions or information related to her income. An internet user asked her if she was earning a lot with her OnlyFans account, Noémie replied that she was approaching 7 figures.


In addition, Noémie Dufresne commented on the madness in the comments on her Facebook and Instagram account. There is a new trend where people post car ads or other things for sale under each of the influencer posts. We do not know where this fashion of transforming Noémie's accounts into a real Marketplace, but that does not bother the main interested party. She mentions: " It's just a winner in both directions, they have fun, it fills their little lack of attention besides I don't blame them that I myself need it and it advertises me ". (via BullshitQC)


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