Michel Louvain died

Popular singer Michel Louvain has passed away. A statement announced the sad news: “ It is with great sadness that we inform you of the death of Mr. MICHEL LOUVAIN (born Michel Poulin), son of the late Ernest Poulin and of the late Jeannette Delisle. Michel Louvain passed away peacefully this evening in his sleep at the Center hospitalier de Verdun. Esophageal cancer had been diagnosed at the beginning of the month and he was immediately taken care of by the competent medical teams. 83 years old, Mr. Louvain, is survived by his spouse, Mario Théberge, a privileged partner of the last twenty-five years, his
sisters Thérèse Poulin (Rhéo Poulin), Ginette Poulin (Gaétan Dufresne) and Lucie Poulin (Jean-Guy Rousseau).».



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