The Kaïn group launches the beer Yé midi kek part

The Kaïn group has just launched their beer Yé midi kek part in collaboration with a Microbrasserie St-Arnould in Mont-Tremblant. We can read in the publication: " After several months of working to find THE perfect recipe, we are really happy to announce our collaboration with the Microbrasserie St-Arnould in Mont-Tremblant for the creation of Yé midi kek part beer! Yé midi kek part craft beer is a high fermentation blond beer (Ale) embellished with raw hopping for the most satisfying taste and aromas. Distribution has already started across Quebec! You can get “Yé midi kek part” this week in 473ml cans in your favorite grocery stores. Tell us where you find it and send us your photos! A Cheers!! »


We remember that the group Chicanery had also launched a beer as well as the electro rap group radio radio. Photo credit: Kaïn and St-Arnould



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