Simon-Olivier Fecteau looks back on one of his old publications

The director of Bye Bye, Simon-Olivier Fecteau, made a publication to talk about the pandemic. Several Internet users had tagged him on an old comment he made in July 2020. He explains his reasoning and where he is now: " What is different about me from this status last year is the realization that people's suffering is very real, that psychological distress is very real. I myself have lived through difficult times. I understand you. And if you want to believe theories, which in my opinion are invalid, that's okay. ". He ends his message by wishing that this pandemic ends quickly: " We are all managing this crisis as best we can, with the values ​​we have and the tools we have. In the end, we all want the same thing, for it to end so that we can get back to normal. ».

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