Surprising photos of excavation taken on rue Bellechasse in Montreal

The Facebook page Friends of rue de Saint-Vallier (in Montreal) often publishes interesting things related to the Rosemont / Petite-Patrie borough in Montreal. On March 30, the team behind this page published the roots of a tree on rue Bellechasse, it read: “ A lucky tree on Bellechasse for which we have chosen to meticulously preserve the roots by digging. Impressive! ". The photos are impressive and it is very interesting to discover. A week later, the publication was a huge success, here is the report of the publication of Les amis de la rue de Saint-Vallier: “ Almost 350 people! Believe it or not, that's the number of people we reached in just one week and more than 000 shares later with these surprising excavation photos taken on Bellechasse. Amazing for an ultra-local neighborhood page! You have to believe that people love trees! ».


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