Patrice Roy's microphone remains open and he didn't know he was live

Everything was going well for the Téléjournal de Radio-Canada with Patrice Roy until it was time to take a break. The live broadcast on Radio-Canada's Facebook page did not stop. We were therefore treated to a conversation intended for the members of the Téléjournal team at 18 p.m. We can hear Patrice Roy talking about himself concerning the tone of his interview: “ It wasn't the tiring Roy. It was the Roy a little bit fat, but not tiring. It's his first, he's coming back. But it's gonna be quite a battle this case. ". In addition, the antenna manager commented on the recently published poll which places Denis Coderre well ahead of Valérie Plante: “ Yeah, but this poll is rubbish. ».


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Patrice Roy's reaction

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