The lyrics of the song Mots d'Église by Comment Debord

The Words of Church Words of Comment Debord



I saw someone like you
Arrive flush at the end of the roll
At the end of summer because of moé
I don't know how to do it
I know how to deal with the world
Around my edge

I'm going to make you believe that I never find it difficult
To pretend in front of you guys
That all is well
Jobbers-composers like me
I know lots of them
Forty-thousand easy on rue Beaubien

I saw someone like you
Someone not denounced
Find time long long
It's damn cursing, you seemed to be too scared
Anyway, what was there
Outside his apartment

I'm starting to be awake
To be able to hold back
To retain
My Church Words
My Church Words
My Church Words
My Church Words

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