A Laval dad makes a cry from the heart and addresses François Legault

Frederik Goulet took all his courage to open his camera and deliver a touching testimony. This father launched a call for help on Facebook with this video. He begins by saying "It has to come out, I have to talk about itAnd then tell us about a discussion he had with his 6-year-old son. Little Gabriel asked him if one day he will be able to play with his friends in the schoolyard as in the movies. Frederik also notices that his son Gabriel has changed his behavior. He seems less happy than before. The father sends a message to the Prime Minister François Legault, he understands the situation, but he is at the end of the roll. He explains: " It's not normal. I understand all that, I understand that it is not easy to manage all that, but here it is the mental health of my 6 year old child which is at stake, which tells me that he does not like life! I seriously condone. ».


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