District 31 shares flowchart to help show viewers

District 31 fan, MariNicole Lord, decided to make a flowchart to help viewers easily understand recent episodes. As we know, many Internet users find that Luc Dionne's intrigues are more and more complex, and it is not always easy to navigate. This is why MariNicole sent its excellent organization chart to the team that manages the District 31 page so that they can share its table. I think fans of the show really enjoyed it, the post has over 3100 likes and 1400 comments.

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Here is MariNicole's message on Facebook: “For those who don't listen to District 31, I advise you to keep scrolling. With yesterday's episode, we had quite a headache. Since I love the complexity of Luc Dionne, but also because I love understanding every little detail, I made a flowchart that I thought I would share with you because I believe that it helped a few people around me. I am not claiming that it is perfect, it is for this reason that it was made in lead pencil, either to correct things or to add some.»

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