Vincenzo Guzzo is furious with François Legault and his management of the crisis

After the saga where Vincenzo Guzzo explains to us profits that it does with the sale of popcorn in its cinemas, it comes back to the charge against the Legault government in a publication which accumulates more than 4000 shares. Vincenzo attacks the Prime Minister with his fist, he does not spare his words. He mentioned: "You have shown today that you have no scruples, no heart, no respect for the people of Quebec. You do not rule with intellect and heart… You rule according to the POLLS!". He also makes the comparison between François Legault and René Lévesque: “Today, you showed all of Quebec that you are not René Lévesque. He wasn't a tall man, but if a man's height were measured by his height… you wouldn't reach his ankles.". He ends his post by saying he is able to forgive and using the hashtag #popcorngate: "We Quebecers are a good people, peaceful and of heart. We forgive, but we forgive those who love us, not those who despise us!».


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