Comedian Marc Messier announces Bob's character won't be in upcoming Boys' movie

During his appearance on the show La Semaine des 4 Julie, comedian Marc Messier announced that his famous character Bob will not be back in the next Les Boys film. He explains: " The character I played, who was a kind of courailleux, it's funnier at 45-50 years old than at 70 years old […]. I have the impression of having said everything I had to say in this character ". Marc definitely did the most iconic scene in the entire The Boys series with the legendary hard-of-mind segment. Since ComediHa! is the rights holder of the Boys franchise, we know a new movie is on the way but we don't know when it will be released.

The famous extract from the hardness of the mind

Marc Messier alias Bob tells us: "Heartless gang!" Hey, a week ago the Boys it was over, it was over, it was in the street, washed and not about that! Look at me at night, I have the morale of a Cadillac. Because of who? Because of Stan! Ok, the "Blacks" are big, are strong, big shoulders, are scary. But what is our strength us Boys? It wouldn't be between the two ears, maybe? Americans have an expression for this that I particularly like, I read that somewhere: The Mental, the mind, “Mental Toughness”, the hardness of the mind. Worse here, there's more than you think, mental. The room is filled with mind!»

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