Dany Turcotte announces that he is leaving Everyone's talking about it

In a Facebook post, Dany Turcotte announces that he is leaving the program Tout le monde en parle. The former madman of the king of the show explains: "Disturbed by several social media storms experienced over the years, my confidence gradually eroded and I came to be paralyzed by the fear of making a mistake, of asking the “stinky question”. ". Dany is serene with this decision: “Totally serene in front of my decision, I thank the great family of TLMEP who made me live a fabulous professional adventure during 17 years and a half!". He ends by wishing TLMEP the best and that he is ready to take on new challenges.

Producer Guillaume Lespérance reacted to the news on Twitter: “I remember like it was yesterday from the audition @danyturcotte He was the most nervous of the gang! It is an immense privilege to have worked with him for 17 years. Without an audience and in the midst of a pandemic, it was difficult to play crazy. Friendship #TLMEP»

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