During Everyone's Talking Dany Turcotte makes a joke that does not pass to Mamadi Fara Camara

Several viewers were waiting for the program Tout le monde en parle to listen to Mamadi Fara Camara. He was mistakenly imprisoned for 6 days and for the first time we could hear his side of the story. He came on the set of the show accompanied by his lawyer Virginie Dufresne-Lemire and by documentary filmmaker Will Prosper to tell us about all this sad and angry story.

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One moment generated several backlash on Twitter as the show aired live. While Mamadi Fara Camara was explaining to us his fear regarding his revoked foreign student status, Dany Turcotte asked him if he was still going to use his cell phone while driving. The reply unsettled Camara a bit, who went on to explain that it was another debate and that he was not on the phone. We can hear the segment at 15:35. (via Bag of chips)

Here are the comments from users:


Dany's response:

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