David Goudreault impressed everyone on the set of Marc Labrèche

The talented David Goudreault was on the program Cette année-là animée. Marc Labrèche challenged him to make a poetic improvisation with several words chosen by the show's team. David did not have time to think, he embarked on a poetic flight.

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We can say that he did not have easy words to insert into his improvisation. We can read on the file: Blonde de Coeur de Pirate, Fusion CAQ-ADQ, Attentat au Métropolis, Canonization of Kateri Tekakwitha, Tequila Heineken no time to fool around, Le cheater starts at TVA and Marie-Mai three times in the charts . You shouldn't be afraid that David was not going to succeed in this challenge, once again his wonderful talent kicked in.

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