A landlord in Rimouski removes the stairs to encourage his tenant to clear

An Internet user has shared a whole saga between herself and her owner. He wants her to leave the apartment, and he is ready to do anything so that she does not feel good in the apartment.

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We learn in his publication that the owner has removed the staircase that goes up to his door. He also removed all the windows of the solarium and he blocked the parking lot with a huge container. We can read in his publication: "When your landlord wants you to leave because you pay $ 385 for your 4 ½. Ben… He removes your staircase without warning #slumlord #ALAB #rimouski * for info: this morning, there were walls, windows and a staircase on the front solarium, everything is in the container which blocks our access to the parking lot. For septic people who find that the building looks "abandoned", we are two occupied triplex dwellings. *»

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