Quebec's most popular cat now has a scratch ticket in his image

The Loto-Quebec team is always ready to find excellent concepts to image its scratch tickets. This time, they decided to make 3 tickets featuring Quebec's most popular cat, Sneeze!

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If you don't know Atchoum, he's been on all web platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok…) for a long time. Cat lovers are sure to love these 3 new posts. They won't even want to scratch them so as not to erase a part of Achoum. We can read this message on Atchoum's Facebook page: "I am so excited to announce that you will be able to buy Atchoum le chat scratch tickets in more than 8000 retailers in Quebec starting today !!! In collaboration with Loto-Québec, you will be able to have fun and perhaps have the chance to win different prizes, but above all, you will have your favorite hairy cat from Quebec to accompany you on each ticket! 🤩. 3 tickets with a different image of Atchoum are on sale, so have fun collecting them. Good luck everyone and play reasonably».

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