Restaurateur Vianney Godbout questions the people who sell homemade dishes

The restorer Vianney Godbout-Lescouzères, which we saw on the program Un supper almost parfait, asks a question about his Instagram. In fact he wonders if it is correct to accept individuals who sell home cooked meals without paying taxes and without regulation. We can read in his message: " We see more and more people offering home-cooked meals, varied food offerings from individuals who are taken at home and seek to occupy themselves, and I understand that cooking is a fabulous hobby. The majority of these people do not have a MAPAQ permit, do not pay business taxes and do not have the same financial burden as restaurant owners who are currently experiencing an unprecedented crisis and have almost no resources to keep up. What is your opinion on the appearance of these mostly untaxed and unregulated food offerings that compete with these restaurateurs who are limited as never in a market already excessively restricted? I would love to hear from you. ».

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