The pages of Quebec catalogs from the 80s and 90s

The Facebook page Quebec Catalogs is really fantastic for those nostalgic for the 80s and 90s. There are pages from the catalogs of our youth. It's time to rediscover the products that Distribution to consumers, Radio Shark, Sears, Steinberg were selling… You can also compare the prices with those of today. We spent so much time looking at catalogs when we were young that it's a really good idea to put them online.

I invite you to follow the page Quebec Catalogs to discover all the pages they have put online, a passionate job here.

The GI Joe's Consumer Distribution page 1988

The 1978/79 LEGO Consumer Distribution page

The Atari console from Sears 1978

Les P'tits Bouts de Choux Distribution to Consumers 1985

Kraft products at the 1983 Steinberg grocery store

The price of phones for his car made no sense

Board games at Toys "R" Us in 1990

The Fisher Price Consumer Distribution Kitchen Set 1987

Coupons for the Zellers restaurant

The famous Nintendo page

Big Brother Celebrities Quebec participants make a lot of money

The cat tail beard a new trend for men

The real way to eat your McDonald's trio

She burns François Legault's book to show her discontent

Marie-Soleil Dion is furious that people are not following the government's instructions

It's official you can't stack +2s during a UNO game

He rents his dogs so people can go out during curfew

Paul Arcand gives his opinion for the first time on his brother's trip to the South

30 objects and activities related to the school in the 90s and early 2000

Company sells tie wrap bracelets at crazy prices