Guylaine Tremblay receives an extremely hateful message and publishes it on her page

The talented actress Guylaine Tremblay decided to post a message she received. The post is filled with hate and nastiness, there are even arrows on his privacy. Guylaine commented, saying that the woman who sent him the message must need help. Here is what Guylaine posted this afternoon: “This is what Sylvie levesque sends me as a message! If you know her, she needs help I think ...Criss of hypocrite, you walk on the TV sets to make your blah blah blah without a muzzle. Criss of irresponsible meanwhile elders are dying of hunger and dehydrates, dying alone and terrorized, suicides, overdoses, the homeless have doubled, bankruptcies, children who have committed suicide, children in psychological distress and you applaud. We see how you are egocentric and how you cry about children. It is no coincidence that you could not reproduce yourself eh and that you went looking for children $$$$. You can triumph on biden it says a lot about your contempt for children ».

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