Félix-Antoine Joli-Coeur will be candidate for mayor of Montreal

Former political advisor and consultant Felix-Antoine Joli-Coeur, a close friend of Minister Fitzgibbon, will be a candidate for mayor of Montreal in November, with his new party, Rally for Montreal. In a video posted to Twitter, the 42-year-old can be seen introducing himself and saying his vision for Montreal. By posting this video, we can read: " Today I am announcing my candidacy to become the next mayor of Montreal under the banner of the new coalition, Ralliement pour Montréal. #polmtl ". He will face Valérie Plante and surely Denis Coderre who has not confirmed his candidacy for the moment.



About Félix-Antoine Joli-Coeur

In this short video presentation, here is Félix-Antoine's message: “ My name is Félix-Antoine Joli-Coeur, I speak to you about my living room, as you I am confined. I am passionate about Montreal, this is where I raise my family. I am a management consultant, I work in all sectors of activity: in economic development, business launching, foreign investment, culture, social affairs ... If I aspire to become mayor of Montreal, it is because I consider that the metropolis is going in the wrong direction and the city must absolutely become better in terms of the management of cleanliness, of the management of the territory which has become a veritable labyrinth because we do not coordinate the work public and private. What I want to get involved with is that Montreal is the result of the work of Montrealers. One day we said it takes a citizens' park, the Mont-Royal park was born, one day we said it takes a large orchestra, the Montreal symphony orchestra was born. So Montreal is essentially the product of your initiatives. The mayor of Montreal must absolutely remove the obstacles so that the citizens do more initiatives and must encourage them in this direction by putting in place the conditions so that the metropolis really takes off. The last thing, yes Montreal must have its place in the great debates that occupy us in our time. For example: climate change, economic development or social inequalities. But this path will only be able to move the needle if we get together, if we are able to mobilize all elected officials, governments and civil society. Let's stop dividing, the post of mayor should not be occupied by someone who has understood everything and who will tell you here's how it will work. The post of mayor should be filled by someone who works as a team, someone who brings people together and someone who has the humility to listen to you. You don't know me yet, all I ask you is to pay attention to the ideas, proposals and candidates that I will propose to you in the coming weeks. Getting the situation right in Montreal will take a lot of energy, but above all it will require us to come together and work together. Let's rally for Montreal, let's rally for Montreal. »

Mayor Valérie Plante reacts to the broadcast of the video

Valerie Planthe spoke to Félix-Antoine on Twitter following the broadcast of his video. We can read: "Welcome to the race @fajolicoeur. Looking forward to discussing our ideas and visions for relaunching Montreal. #polmtl". He didn't take long to answer the mayoress: “Thank you @Val_Plante! Several debates on ideas for the future of Montreal. #polmtl».

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