Maxi employee receives jar of peanut butter to thank him for his work during the pandemic

The girlfriend of an employee at Maxi made a publication that is starting to circulate a lot on the web. She says that her boyfriend received a jar of peanut butter from the Sans Nom brand to thank him for his work during the pandemic. They put a special label with his first name to personalize the item. We can read: "Fec my boyfriend, who works nights at Maxi, received, as a gift from the company to thank his employees for working hard in the midst of a pandemic, tse of essential workers, tse those who risk their lives, a 500ml jar of the Sans brand. Name (which is sometimes on sale at $ 1) of peanut butter. On which, of course, they stuck another label on top with his name to make him feel special. Thanks Maxi and co. We really feel appreciated. Tse the boss has a bonus of 50K but you saw that you risk your life, here is a jar WITHOUT NAME ABOVE WHICH WE STUFFED A LABEL WITH YOUR NAME ON TOP of peen butter. Eat the rich (with peen butter)»

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