She wants to sue Jean-René Dufort because he has released an extract from his video

The couple who had made a video against Jean-René Dufort because he had broadcast one of their capsules to Infoman comes back to the charge. In fact, it is the lady who reoffended with a video where she said she was considering suing Jean-René Dufort. We can hear him say: "They saw it as threats, and Jean-René Dufort said "I will not put charges on Ms. Letang". No, you will not put charges because you have nothing to charge. You have nothing to load, it's you who came to destroy me". Nadya Letang responds to the extract in an article in La Presse where the spokesperson for Radio-Canada had said that neither the public channel, nor Jean-René Dufort would file a complaint for threats after the video.

They threaten Jean-René Dufort because he broadcast one of their videos to Infoman

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