13 books to read to know your hockey well

You are passionate about the Montreal Canadiens or another team in the national league. You would like to deepen your knowledge and get to know the Show of the NHL? The best way to build hockey expertise is to read the books of top athletes, coaches, referees, scouts… In this list of 13 books you will find hockey stories, analysts and individuals. Several books are still available in stores, but some others (like Patrick Roy's book or Masques) you will have to look on Kijiji or Marketplace.

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Here are the 13 books to know your hockey:

Pat burns, the man who wanted to win by Rosie Dimanno

Pat Burns was one of the greatest coaches in the NHL. He led the Montreal Canadiens, the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Boston Bruins and the New Jersey Devils in turn, multiplying shattering successes in each city and leaving unforgettable memories. His extraordinary career reached its peak in 2003, with the Devils, during the conquest of the Stanley Cup. Cancer won the day in 2010, at the age of 58, after an exemplary and inspiring struggle.

Chantal Machabée: shorthanded by Guillaume Lefrançois

On September 1, 1989, when the Sports Network was created, she was the first voice that sports fans in Quebec heard. Almost 30 years later, the media landscape is unrecognizable today, but Chantal Machabée has crossed fashions and eras, accumulating fascinating encounters and prestigious assignments. The most extraordinary thing is that she succeeded by standing out in an environment outrageously dominated by men.

Initially host of Sports 30, Chantal will later move on to daily coverage of the Montreal Canadiens, continually having to fight against prejudice. With the emergence of social networks, these prejudices often take the form of hateful comments, but strong denunciation by the media ends up marginalizing such speech. To this fight for his credibility are added the most eccentric rumors and the delicate management of relations with the players.

Chantal leads both career and family life. Hugo and Simon, her great accomplices, sports enthusiasts like her, grow up seeing their mother on the air. Once they were teenagers, they were the ones who gave her the green light to go on the road to follow the Canadian as a beat journalist.

To read Chantal's life is also to relive the history of RDS, of which she is the emblematic face. From the beginnings of the station to the fits of giggles live, including the tragic death of the popular Paul Buisson, Chantal fully lives the joys and sorrows of a station which is also her second family. The inspiring story of a fighter who has not finished taking up the challenges!

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Scotty: An Exceptional Hockey Life by Ken Dryden

Scotty Bowman is a legend. He has won more Stanley Cups and matches than any coach in National Hockey League history. He remained at the top of professional hockey for nearly three decades: twenty-nine years separate his first and his last cup! His talents as a strategist and leader of men have made him the best coach in the history of professional sport, in all disciplines.

Patrick Roy, the warrior by Michel Roy

Spring 1986. A father watches his son on television lead his team to the Stanley Cup. After the game, in the middle of the night, he will meet her at Dorval airport. On Highway 40 between Quebec City and Montreal, behind the wheel of his car, he remembers all the stages of the exceptional journey of his child, Patrick Roy.
How did he come to such accomplishments? What were his models and his sources of inspiration? What difficulties did he encounter on his journey and how did he overcome them? What was his relationship with his instructors, his teammates, recruiters, journalists, agents? Michel Roy, father of the big star, gives a testimony on the passion for hockey, the desire to win and the ability to concentrate which made his son's strength. But it is also without complacency and without cheating that he lifts the veil on the blunders, the faults and the problems of the famous goalkeeper. He relates in particular the heartbreaking ordeal of leaving Montreal, which almost broke Patrick Roy.

Mister playoffs: the story of Daniel Brière by Martin Leclerc

“He's good, but he's way too small to make it to the National League! Heard a thousand times, this definitive opinion on his future never discouraged Daniel Brière; on the contrary, these words encouraged him to surpass himself in every game of his minor then major junior course.

Later, once he achieved his ultimate goal of playing in the NHL, his road wasn't easier. However, driven by unwavering determination and keen intelligence of the game, the Gatineau resident has had an exceptional career, becoming one of the fiercest competitors in the history of the playoffs.

With the accomplice pen of Martin Leclerc, he retraces in this book his astonishing emergence towards the status of superstar, his controversial arrival in 2007 with the Flyers (which he then preferred to the Canadian) and his time in Montreal at the end of his career, without forgetting to discuss his family life and his role as a father.

An autobiography that is sometimes hilarious, sometimes moving, always inspiring, which happily takes us behind the scenes of today's hockey and the daily life of a high-level professional athlete.

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The Force to Believe by Georges Laraque

Throughout his career in the National Hockey League, Georges Laraque has demonstrated more than once that passion and determination can go a long way! For him, any dream is achievable when you have the strength to believe in it. Here he delivers an autobiography in his image: frank and direct. Racism, violence, religion, family, politics… No subject is taboo. The athlete tells how he managed to find his way in a world where prejudice and discrimination were the rule. Turning now to the future, the former hockey player reveals all of his deep convictions, his discovery of veganism, his many humanitarian projects, his ecological stance ... Beyond the imposing physique of the strong man, discover a sensitive and committed intellectual, guided by unshakeable values.

Jacques demers: spelled out by Mario Leclerc

We all know Jacques Demers, the former coach of the Canadian hockey club, to whom Montreal owes its last Stanley Cup conquest in 1993. Reconverted into a “playernalist”, he is today a leading figure in Quebec sports journalism. contributing notably to RDS, Journal de Montréal and CKAC radio station.

The result of several years of research and interviews, this biography shows us the extraordinary trajectory of a man who has never denied his modest origins and knows better than anyone the definition of the word “adversity”. Among other difficulties, the violence of his alcoholic father towards his family, especially his mother, was decisive in the course of his destiny. His deep disgust with violence against women prompted him to pay part of his royalties to the organization Le Chaînenon.

While some knew the story of his slow rise from a job as a Coca-Cola delivery boy to the elite of the NHL, only a handful of close friends shared his biggest secret. This handicap, which he had carefully hidden until now, did not prevent him from pursuing a dream career and becoming a prominent figure in the social life of Quebec, Saint Louis, Detroit, Tampa Bay and, of course, Montreal.

This book reveals to us the portrait of an endearing being, also leaving a fair place to the hockey man and his formidable sporting career. Private and public lives come together to offer us all the facets of a deeply human, warm, passionate, altruistic, energetic and optimistic personality. A testimony often moving, always touching, which will reach readers just as much.

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The Masks by Richard Labbé

Thirty masks worn by 30 prestigious National Hockey League goaltenders, from Mike Liut to Kari Lehtonen and Cam Ward, including Ken Dryden, Gerry Cheevers, Martin Brodeur and Patrick Roy.

Richard Labbé, sports journalist at La Presse, tells us about the origin and design of these masks, a reflection of the personality of the goalkeepers who wear them. Several of these express themselves here for the first time on the subject. The author thus presents us the hidden face of the masks whose reproductions in this careful work call upon a selective varnish process highlighting these true works of art.

Stéphane Auger: the power of the whistle by Mathias Brunet

"It's the referee's fault!" How many times has Stéphane Auger heard these words during the 13 years he officiated in the NHL? Here he tells his anecdotes, which have marked hockey fans over the years. Did he really threaten Alexander Burrows of the Canucks in 2000? And what happened to the stick thrown into the stands by Mats Sundin? This testimony offers you a real breakthrough in the world of referees, often misunderstood, but essential to hockey. Today an expert commentator at TVA Sports, the former referee had to rely on essential qualities, such as judgment, rapid decision-making, self-confidence, impartiality, responsibility and conflict management to excel in this role of authority. And even if he has left the ice, the characteristics that have made him a recognized referee are still useful to him on a daily basis… and can serve you, too!

Serge Savard: Canadian to the end by Philippe Cantin

Since his first games played on a makeshift ice rink in Landrienne, Abitibi, where he spent his childhood, Serge Savard has been driven by a single passion: that of hockey. In this biographical tale, the athlete and businessman who worked for the Montreal Canadiens for 33 years takes us behind the scenes of a larger-than-life career. Under the skillful pen of journalist Philippe Cantin, he looks back on the strong moments, the ups and downs, that shaped him as a player - from his years of apprenticeship as a rookie until his retirement from the Canadiens - and, later, as general manager of the club. This captivating and abundantly documented work paints a portrait of the rich history of hockey in Quebec through the life of a man who was one of its most privileged witnesses.

Alain Chainey: memories of a recruiter by Frédéric Lord

If there are exceptional men in the NHL, Alain Chainey is one. After starting his career as an amateur hockey player with the Drummondville Rangers and the Moncton Aigles Bleus, he carved out a place of choice as a professional coach, especially for the deceased Nordiques de Québec, then as a recruiter for the Ducks. from Anaheim. A true storyteller at heart, he tells in this book different episodes of his career, stories that take place in the depths of nowhere, where he was confined to the solitude of professional secrecy, in search of the next idol. This book, presented as a quilt of memories, testifies to the humor and sensitivity of Alain Chainey, his incomparable rigor, his concern for precision and his desire for a job well done, qualities which honor him and which have made him one of the most respected recruiters in the profession.

Steve Bégin: tenacity, courage, leadership by Luc Gélinas

Born in an underprivileged neighborhood of Trois-Rivières, raised by his father, Steve Bégin had to learn to fend for himself very early on. The material may not be there, but happiness, yes! The turbulent boy finds in sport the outlet he needs to release his inexhaustible energy. If he excels in hockey, however, no one promises him a great future. But Steve, he already knows that he will play in the National League one day, and nothing and nobody will prevent him from achieving his dream ...

From Calgary to Boston via Montreal, under the colors of the Canadian, Steve left an impression on people with his tenacity, courage, intensity and commitment to the community. He introduces us to the reality of professional hockey from the inside, as few books have done so far, not only at the level of the NHL, but also of inferior circuits like the QMJHL and the American League.

Better than a biography, this book is a life story. Thanks to the complicity and the alert pen of Luc Gélinas, Steve tells himself in his own words, without detour, with the emotion and the frankness that we know him. At the start of each chapter, psychologist Sylvain Guimond draws lessons from Steve's journey that transcend sport and will inspire all readers. Finally, the testimonies of twelve fellow travelers of Steve bring an additional dimension to his journey.

The Match by Ken Dryden

Ken Dryden was the goalkeeper for the Montreal Canadiens in the 70s. During his eight seasons with the team, the Canadiens won the Stanley Cup six times. He is a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame and Canada's Sports Hall of Fame. He is the author of four bestselling books, The Match, Home Game, The Moved and the Shaken, and In School, and has also served as the Ontario Youth Commissioner. Ken Dryden and his wife, Lynda, are parents of two children and live in Toronto.