All Dressed Macaroni theme song lyrics

The Macaroni tout garni program is a Quebec youth television series that has 425 25-minute episodes. It was broadcast between September 1998 and 2004 on Télé-Québec. We can follow the adventure of a virtual dog named Macaroni. We find several funny characters in this series including another virtual dog Snoro, the clown Crocus, the florist Cléo, the sotumière Chantal, the mosquito Fyna ...

All Dressed Macaroni theme song lyrics

One day a magician who drew pictures
Small dogs, heard screaming from the bottom of his basket
On paper, he said to the magician, don't throw me away
I don't have a name and I want to eat
Good thing everything is ready
Macaroni! Ah, I like that that name
All dressed macaroni macaroni
All dressed macaroni macaroni

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