He sells his Ford F-150 for $ 1000 but beware it's not the dream

For $ 1000 you could have this F-150 model from Ford, but beware! As we can read in Demian's ad, this truck has quite a few flaws. We see that Demian does not carry it in his heart and that he had a lot of trouble with this truck. We can read: "if you buy its serious t not a coward !! It drinks like a hole in it, rusts everywhere, the heating just works when you get slack in the steering wheel, the transmission is feni (if I sell it there is minimum $ 2500 to put) There is a lot of noise there, there is not much quality, if you know the mechanics you will be able to do something with it if not better to stop wasting your time reading.". We can say that this announcement is quite honest!

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