The 424 quotes of Jocelyne from the 6 seasons of Radio Enfer

Stephanie Duguay launched a whole challenge that must have taken a long time. She decided to list all the quotes from Jocelyne Letendre (School psychologist, extracurricular activities manager and guidance counselor) from the 6 seasons of Radio Enfer. By publishing her repertoire, she wrote about the group I quote Radio-Enfer (too) often. "Two weeks ago, I embarked on a big mandate, to bring together all of Jocelyne's expressions. 424 expressions later, I'm finally done!". Impeccable work, which lives up to the character of Jocelyne.

Radio Enfer Season 1 (75)

⁃ Don't try to knock me off, I'm too max down
⁃ You are doing your too much rebel
⁃ You don't impress me with your sarcasm, you use it as a shell, you're a ninja turtle
⁃ Yo guys! / Yo young people!
⁃ Is it you me who is crack pot not related in the head or well you have not made a soda yet
content broadcast
⁃ You passed me a turnip
⁃ You should never demand something from the young person, otherwise stress, it becomes max fru and you end up drop out
to the bone
⁃ Hey young people, too much to be true
⁃ Break the throat, to whom it may concern, I am Rital I remain so
⁃ Get back in hand, but don't serve too much, you could strangle yourself
⁃ Your full rebel side
⁃ I'm too much down disappointed, it cuts my legs
⁃ I who always have the right on with young people
⁃ With the youngster, I'm quite a rejection as you say
⁃ This game is trippy full fru
⁃ I'm not hungry, I'm on fire
⁃ Devil my Rodolphe
⁃ I'm learning about speed max trash metal
⁃ Jocelyne Letendre super devil psychologist, I welcome you
⁃ You self-destruct
⁃ It relaxes the nerves
⁃ Yo .. see yo
⁃ Would you have lost the groove spirit with the young
⁃ I'm just a drop down from the non generation x
⁃ Jive a little, shake up, take them out your bad trip
⁃ Hey, you're not a jam session
⁃ I have quests the other side of the fudge
⁃ Proper full jam
⁃ Super blast to death
⁃ You take me for a shower helmet
⁃ It's really not a trip
⁃ Take your equal gas
⁃ Well the nerves to the bone her, you have to take her with velvet gloves
⁃ You look a little bad to me
⁃ Barf your villain
⁃ Is cubed, is mad max vedge, is full braille to the bone
⁃ Put some cube
⁃ It's great trip to work with you
⁃ Enweurez, hip the smile! It's the nutcracker that we don't repeat the break-party
⁃ There is negative fuzz in the air or my name is not a psychologist
⁃ Evacuate your nasty black guy
⁃ It lacks funky smooth
⁃ It's supposed to be rap Christmas
⁃ It looks like it's too shake n bake
⁃ Do you mind this idea to the max
⁃ The snap connection is back in place
⁃ The school quarter is full flush
⁃ What makes you max freak to the bone as well
⁃ Today at smash buzz P4
⁃ I will try to describe the feeling, the trash swing of soap sculpture
⁃ I had it in the rescue
⁃ Seems you were mega smash yesterday on TV
⁃ Smile, the world is yo
⁃ A real battle of clips
⁃ Yo the wound
⁃ Relax the hair on your legs
⁃ I think you are made way out to the very stiff bone
⁃ First super heavy mental category
⁃ Max good for 10 points
⁃ Cool trip question
⁃ Stop doing your speedy gonzalez
⁃ The newspaper we stall the quests a little there
⁃ The next question is top fart
⁃ You're coming super tiring nova
⁃ Rap cool Vincent
⁃ I'm max flabergastée
⁃ That's totally max for another 20 points
⁃ The game is done on the bone
⁃ I have something pretty bad for you guys
⁃ Even when you managed to open the thermos you put it down
⁃ I'm not tight happy with you
⁃ Don't tell me that you are also going to use trash violence to make your place
⁃ Jean-Lou discourages me full spin mega fru
⁃ Stun role who gave himself to be accepted in your gang buzz

Radio Enfer Season 2 (89)

⁃ I was so naive sniff
⁃ Camille will help you surf the school spirit wave
⁃ It'll help you find a gang ego trip, kapitsch
⁃ You look like a great buzzer together
⁃ Worse, how's that trashy?
⁃ If you live a full down
⁃ It's not trashy
⁃ Put some in the super clutch mat
⁃ It's going to go to the toaster
⁃ Another hooded rap fashion
⁃ I thought of a good idea to put some pep spark in my relationship
⁃ Shoot me, shoot
⁃ Thanks to you my couple will be up the top in bines
⁃ Is ben freak out her
⁃ You have a full downer attitude
⁃ I would make you max positive fast enough
⁃ You would be too heavy metal as your first patient
⁃ He's a super knowledgeable guy
⁃ I feel full of hormones
⁃ Hypno-yo everyone!
⁃ If you came here to hyper blaster me it was not necessary
⁃ Y must be in his aggressive switch mood
⁃ Enough mega blast
⁃ Think of the cohesive slash trip
⁃ What's wrong here
⁃ We will watch the buzz together and we will settle it by shouting Pouliot
⁃ You will stop mistaking me for a bathing suit
⁃ You're sure you wouldn't be a full blast on your depression
⁃ It's clear to fru
⁃ Hip the boost Jean-Lou
⁃ You have a fru in your mouth
⁃ Having the jiggers sul neutral means being max vedge to the cube
⁃ There are more max full fru than other things
⁃ Hey, you're swinging in the coco today
⁃ Slow bine in the tarot
⁃ It's the most amazing thing (?), The most jackpot, the most funky doodle
⁃ You are so fond of Papineau
⁃ The world is not yo, the world is wicked, the world is heartless, selfish, way blast rejection
⁃ Full too much
⁃ Hey that you pump me back the bone
⁃ The more yo the youngster, the less he trash on the bad trip
⁃ I will finally know who feel don't worry be happy, and who feel don't happy be worry
⁃ Full freak out in the center field
⁃ Nerd and a half
⁃ The piton stuck in the bottom of the jam
⁃ This is the top of the way out
⁃ I think who does not feel at all the cotton the Cat, I would even say who has the morale rather full low beige
⁃ Full down no future
⁃ Heavy depress
⁃ You will surely go to school
⁃ Hey that you're nowhere
⁃ Unlock the hormones a bit
⁃ You don't take yourself for a bite of gum
⁃ Full top with bines
⁃ What is your bad trip
⁃ Jam your carcass sul piton, roll the gas pedal from the bottom and cool up your jet stream
⁃ It didn't ignite the brain chips
⁃ You may be a little rebellious trash
⁃ Don't take me for a handful of becyk
⁃ A kind of banana split together trip
⁃ Full fru, a conflict
⁃ I will referee that ink on a bin
⁃ Another problem signed by Jocelyne sul bonhomme
⁃ It's made the national sport to take me for a trout
⁃ It took you a lot
⁃ Put in sul fru
⁃ It defligrates me (?) The jiffy poff
⁃ It won't take fly kid
⁃ It's yo du cube
⁃ Ti-Coq brothers-in-law are going to stop you
⁃ Trash to the bone
⁃ It treats the world of jealous pi after that it makes its cleft lip
⁃ Don't do your wise ti-clin with me
⁃ You have so much the right on fru the cube
⁃ Jocelyne Letendre, psychologist, open your vault to me
⁃ You have a good yodelling
⁃ J'feel full metal cotton
⁃ I would rather find myself vedge manic
⁃ I'm in the full black nowhere
⁃ Max Bollé
⁃ Yo and re-yo!
⁃ My nerves are flashing down
⁃ All the other student groups are right swell, it's just you guys who get me fired on
the spot
⁃ You're dressed like Jules's bitch.
⁃ You gave each other the word to pass me off as a toque pompom
⁃ What is it that flushes again
⁃ Cubed trash
⁃ I didn't want to wave you fuklite (?)
⁃ Your speed of understanding is often on the hand break

Radio Enfer Season 3 (63)

⁃ Full spin mega fru
⁃ I have a lot of fish in cane
⁃ Chu in the top ten of the bad vibe
⁃ You go there a lot on the toaster
⁃ Hey that you're full downer
⁃ Well that you can be full trash
⁃ It's tiguidou in the fly bine
⁃ Hey that you are not related to the bottom of the fudge
⁃ It is tiring to talk with your mouth like a turkey ass
⁃ Yé ben gonzo him
⁃ When Jocelyne Letendre has something on her feet, she's not in her head
⁃ Spin up the tube
⁃ Your rhythm has been full break with arms for 5 years
⁃ I'll give you a skate
⁃ You have to be techno smash hit
⁃ Do you have a handful of ears
⁃ Hey, you're black spirit
⁃ Do you take me for a nowhere
⁃ S't'a man who is at the full jam of his talent
⁃ Fortunately, I'm here to hold you on the max piton
⁃ Max yabadou
⁃ Super tramper
⁃ Snack pop on bacon
⁃ You poke my panties on my head
⁃ We're going to jiver them the way fru
⁃ Yé trying to unlock, to become a person with a capital P, someone with a large ...
in tk
⁃ Science catapione my neurons
⁃ You make me tilt my brain
⁃ Put some cube
⁃ Everything is tiguidou back sac
⁃ It's way hard to the max
⁃ It's like turning the iron in plogue
⁃ I find it rather flush flop on the ground
⁃ Hey simonque that you're botch down the drain
⁃ Behind his Adam's family look
⁃ Slack including breaks
⁃ This will do Yoda
⁃ As we psychologists say: you drink
⁃ No way in the field
⁃ For once it's you shower headsets
⁃ Is crackpot in the head
⁃ Psycho JoJo
⁃ Always also full punk
⁃ Hip the boost
⁃ Cross my eyes
⁃ You didn't go with the back of the knife
⁃ Maybe it'll whip up the jiffy pop
⁃ Max yabadou
⁃ Do you take me for a toque pompom
⁃ Quessé who debug you the same
⁃ You should be max together with him
⁃ It's amazing full rap
⁃ You are afraid who damn you the piton
⁃ You are nothing of the two clovers
⁃ A little shot to pump up your bone
⁃ I'm slender like a fishing line
⁃ Ye gone nothing on a nut
⁃ I can tell who's got a hip hop problem on the horizon
⁃ Do not crackpot
⁃ Money snack genius
⁃ You will calm the big nerve in the air
⁃ Clowns are always sad
⁃ Put your big nerve in the lazy boy

Radio Enfer Season 4 (90)

⁃ I find you quite sharp sua bine
⁃ Jig-a-loo in the ski-doo
⁃ Do you want to wake up at dawn super full spring
⁃ Everything is tiguidou full pine
⁃ You will become friends like two pop-tarts in the same toaster
⁃ Everything is bathed in the cheez whiz
⁃ Everything is super squiz and snap
⁃ Super full fru from the mega max
⁃ Burn your gas at both ends
⁃ Your raid dance party
⁃ Hip hop rap trip pop rock n roll
⁃ Better to be happy in a beautiful environment than depressed in a setting
⁃ It has a little macaroni and cheese side
⁃ Shaké baké l'muffin
⁃ Way out in the blender
⁃ You're around to give me the fudgeo sul 220
⁃ Everything is kit kat in the shake'n bake
⁃ You're super full pine
⁃ I would say that your brain has soda cream on the edge of the spin
⁃ Super frenché jazzé swing in the crescent
⁃ Your heart beats billy up rap pop for a little brunette with glasses
⁃ Yo my gang of extra top no chili
⁃ To cure a full hiccup it takes a mega cup of boiled onion juice and I won't say it
twice, to cure a full hiccup it takes a mega cup of boiled onion juice
⁃ In your place, I would stay super cool asleep in the carpet
⁃ I was super total at the bott sul piton
⁃ I have just been thanked for the card
⁃ Park your coach, you missed the stop
⁃ Way go one way in the potato field
⁃ The generation of the peak zap padget to the bone
⁃ No matter the circumstances, the important thing is to stay the same, eee myself, eee
like that, in tk
⁃ Bring me a good full calming herbal tea to the bone
⁃ Yo ma full jig-a-loo gang
⁃ You're completely on the compression box spring
⁃ When I see this ad there it melts me the häagen-dazs
⁃ Relax the maternal fiber
⁃ S't'a very full scientific spin test
⁃ Everything is great sleep the child do
⁃ You are straightening the tower of pisa of emotion
⁃ Everything is grated in the kitchen catcher
⁃ It turns me wipers upside down
⁃ You seem to have the crink full boosted
⁃ Nerd finished
⁃ Don't panic your little joe
⁃ It slashes the cord of the clutch
⁃ Put your stress-o-meter on neutral
⁃ Super cool full freezer
⁃ I can feel the breaks lying around in the jell-o
⁃ The men are all rotten, except pepa
⁃ Everything is hocus pocus in the mini-putt
⁃ Who finds a psychologist who wears short-sleeved skirts
⁃ I could have my lynx size but I still have my wasp eye
⁃ I feel the high bitch in the grilled cheese
⁃ Full blown good news
⁃ We have two or three little harmless things to say to each other in the hollow of the pompom
⁃ I have a little Hull flower just waiting for me to lift the petals
⁃ We do better to be funny when we are not pretty
⁃ Run away there you are, follow him there you run away
⁃ Tomorrow your sparrow will return the bolo to the ground
⁃ My brain is in the jell-o so I'm over the rainbow
⁃ Your whippet just farted his marshmallow
⁃ She would be you alone like a rag without her windex
⁃ Germain is full Dow Jones in the bucket
⁃ Depressed slash no flap in gougoune
⁃ My head is all messed up, I would need a full bottle of big lenol
⁃ I have brain neurons that crackle like popcorn in the shake'n bake
⁃ The importance of consultation when lubricating a dairy block
⁃ The full brain stalled in bagouache (?)
⁃ Hip hop full groove to the bone
⁃ I have the mega boogy shaky cortex
⁃ Yo the gang and how are you in the mega trip
⁃ Super at the bottom of the bone farted
⁃ Full frue max
⁃ Instead of max mega buzz, they say max ploumpidoum
⁃ I published The Inside of the Young Seen from the Outside, and The Other Side of Jiffy Pop
⁃ Put in sul bidoum
⁃ Put in sul kazoum
⁃ Your positive jive surprises me
⁃ Super max bidum
⁃ We were in beautiful full fru
⁃ Pump your air even
⁃ It will do the Colombo with turbo
⁃ I have flip flops that relax me
⁃ I have high recognition
⁃ And I who paid a fortune for this gezouine dress
⁃ Farted to the max
⁃ Be full jiffy pop full of love
⁃ No of a full saperlope on the edge of the click wrench
⁃ Chu on the eve of peter a fuse cube
⁃ I was so upset because of my zipper fly bine

Radio Enfer Season 5 (64)

⁃ You miss dream whip on the sundae
⁃ Ah the crunchy doritos
⁃ The heels fart in the toupette
⁃ Great Jocelyne flip flop
⁃ Even if it were, hypothetically, say, If a doubidoubidouwa
⁃ I have the deep'n delicious in the gravy
⁃ You should thaw the wunderbar
⁃ You can sulk or bawl until we float
⁃ Tighten your baboons and take out your balls
⁃ Hello there
⁃ You will take the scupper two seconds
⁃ A little dip brain session in my office my handsome Germain and you yodel full throat
like a parakeet escaped from his petshop
⁃ Park your guitar
⁃ I have the joy of living 25 down from 0
⁃ The barbecue is kaput fly bine chez l'bonhomme
⁃ Yo my gang of… kool-aid
⁃ I'm up I'm down I'm up and down
⁃ There is a little depressed side in the slip and slide
⁃ Say thank you to your nice and easy Jocelyne
⁃ It's like looking for hay in a stiletto heel boot
⁃ Like that Camille cracked the speaker
⁃ You will stay full with soft ears
⁃ I said motton sheep in the box
⁃ I have the tutti frutti that makes me pop pop pop
⁃ I have a big nerve that relaxes full pine
⁃ I have the stool full
⁃ I have the emotion that makes me a ti motton
⁃ You gave me the power steering
⁃ I have ideas in the down the river
⁃ Ah my apple strudels
⁃ It's done, I talk to myself alone like a full turkey
⁃ That's the fart that breaks the camel's back
⁃ I think your jacket is great douadi didididam dididou
⁃ You disturb the conversation
⁃ Y gives me fuzz and quizzes of bad feelings between the toes
⁃ It bothers me in baldness
⁃ Ah, you're gonna be a sweet and sexy man
⁃ This guy looks like he has a couple of badly screwed fuzes
⁃ I have the impression that he is preparing something not too spic and span
⁃ The one way tunnels of the human soul I know that
⁃ I intend to put myself on the road again
⁃ Yo the turtledoves, peace and luck
⁃ Damn men, you are all the same, except pepa
⁃ I farted the bushings a bit
⁃ Let the sunshine in
⁃ Yo the big rich
⁃ Yo yo yo yo my super beautiful gang drenched in chocolate
⁃ Not bad tiguidou you
⁃ To the cube of the max
⁃ Shaky Freaky
⁃ My mind is like a garage door wide open
⁃ These are very good suggestions, which will end up in the chipper on the overdrive
⁃ You will end up all alone like an old toothpick on a club sandwich
⁃ Full yo
⁃ I feel it stretched way out in the left field
⁃ Slack your pulley
⁃ Don't get your nerves through your hair
⁃ Could we breathe its gas even
⁃ Yo my men and women
⁃ He also thinks that the TV should be pinched crunched
⁃ This trip stayed fresh as a roast pork in my memory
⁃ I find him pretty quickly on his skate clothes
⁃ It happens to me in sunny scramble side up
⁃ The little machos who fart higher than the hole

Radio Enfer Season 6 (40)

⁃ There was the winter taffy in the pot belly
⁃ I will be as silent as a pie
⁃ The brain is a little slack
⁃ You have porcine-prone glosettomy syndrome
⁃ After that, don't you ask why you have the garland fluttering in the wind
⁃ You spread the radish
⁃ We called each other like two big moose from one side of their swompe to the other
⁃ We had a phone conversation quite a bit fudgeo double cream triple fudge
⁃ Are we going to have to rent a bunker on the planet mars
⁃ A boyfriend who does not kiss his girlfriend is like a telescope, no lens is not with that
that you will see stars
⁃ That's the cherry in the milkshake
⁃ Crush your passion with the big toe
⁃ I'm on the eve of having the drop which pitch itself out of the vase
⁃ Ah well I have my trip, hotel plane included with a view of the scrapyard
⁃ I'll tell you in two words net fret pouet
⁃ Yo my young calves
⁃ Are you turning in the dash
⁃ Your beautiful little teeth all white which gives you a real beautiful smile of a happy hamster
⁃ Y sees himself already abandoned all alone, like a little butt all stuck in the bottom of the ashtray
⁃ I'm going to brew the pompom of the toque
⁃ Looks like you have the fruits at the bottom
⁃ We put the hat in neutral
⁃ My shrink gang is super punchy ukulele
⁃ Wô the battery smatt
⁃ Way out on bumper
⁃ Unlock my neurons
⁃ I convert to the cube
⁃ I almost collapsed sul dash
⁃ There must have been a rubber
⁃ It gets me the dream factory
⁃ I have other buttocks to whip
⁃ You look like an upside down grocery order
⁃ Calm down the Breton crepe
⁃ Free game in the flash
⁃ You like the gasket that floats
⁃ There were quests to the max
⁃ She's still a friend even if she's a finished bitch
⁃ Slack your big pulley
⁃ We remain good friends at the cube
⁃ I have like butterflies in the motton

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