Tourtine du Saguenay a mixture of tourtière with cheese curds

The two owners of the restaurant Baron BBQ barbecue, located in Saint-Ambroise in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, have decided to combine two Quebec dishes together. They therefore mixed the tourtière and the poutine to create the new La Tourtine meal. It's really madness, everyone is snapping up this new meal which seems quite caloric. At the beginning, they only produced 50 per week, now they have reached 300. One of the owners, Julien Fortin, affirms: “We took-out, we tried all kinds of stuff, we have a grill behind. We were making Portuguese chicken, I needed a little something for the holidays, but different, instead of big boxes, because we didn't even know if people were going to get together. Brisket beef, pulled pork, which is done in the smokehouse at the back. We made a demi-glace sauce, it's a homemade base with foie gras, we add foie gras, the traditional cubed potatoes, then cheese curds from the Boivin cheese dairy».

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