Joe Beef restaurant encourages restaurant owners to disobey

The owner of the popular Joe Beef restaurant, David Hayfield McMillan, made a fist publication to encourage restaurateurs to an act of civil disobedience. He asks his colleagues in the restaurant industry to sell a bottle of wine, without being accompanied by a dish. The purpose of this gesture is to force the Legault government to modify the liquor license of restaurants under the current circumstances. Below the post we can read several comments that applaud the gesture. Are other restaurants going to follow suit? We can read in the publication this: "Today I encourage my fellow restaurateurs in the province of Quebec to sell a bottle of wine, without being accompanied by a dish; an act of civil disobedience in the hope of demonstrating our discouragement in the face of the Legault government's mediocre refusal to modify the reforms of our liquor licenses in the current circumstances. Post a photo on your social media with #openoscaves».


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