Caroline Néron reacts to the insults she received on the District 31 page

At the beginning of the week, the page of District 31 had to warn his subscribers to stop insults and negative comments on the privacy of Caroline Neron. This one, who plays Pascale Lanier in the popular series, has been the target of several Internet users. The District 31 page read: “Dear audience. Yesterday, we were sorry to read so many disparaging comments that have no place on this page. We thought you could put things in perspective and just comment on the actions, characters, plots, or acting of the actors, refraining from any judgment on the physical or the private life of those who wear our stories on screen. We will not hesitate to ban a person who exceeds the limit of respect and good taste in the comments made to the actors and actresses of the series. Do not hesitate to report a comment that has no place on this page.". The publication was a huge success, and several people praised the actress for her good work.

Caroline Néron's reaction

In the chronicle Leave Caroline Néron alone by Hugo Dumas in La Presse, Caroline Néron returned to this saga. The actress and businesswoman is not surprised by the reaction of Internet users:

« I was kinda expecting that. I had mentioned it to my agent, who did not believe me. It shows how unhappy some people are if they feel the need to spit their venom on Facebook. I find that sad. There is a certain heaviness, which does not really affect me, I would say. I chose this profession with full knowledge of the facts. Of course I find it boring, but I'm used to it. Me, I shoot in District 31, I trip, I love it. I just don't want to spoil their success. The pandemic brought me a lot of zenitude. I am single, I do what I want and I do it with passion and happiness. »

Several disparaging comments about Caroline Néron force District 31 team to intervene

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