A Christmas album sung only by goats

If you are looking for a slightly different Christmas album to celebrate this funny holiday season, you absolutely have to discover the disc All i want for christmas is a goat. This is not an album with a singer, this time you will discover the Christmas classics sung by goats. The CD has 8 songs (if we remove the intro and the outro), so you can hear: Silent Night, Jingle Bells, Rudolph, Holy Night, White Christmas, O Come All Ye Faithfull, Joy To The World and We Wish You A Merry Christmas. It is the association in Sweden ActionAidSweden who made this album in order to fight against poverty. This project is in fact a marketing coup from which all the profits will go to NGOs. You can also find the album on Spotify and on Youtube.

Silent Night goat version

We Wish You A Merry Christmas goat version

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