The former Laval police officer does not let go and responds to Yves Poirier of TVA

It was only a matter of time before the former Laval policeman replied to Yves Poirier. We know Maxime Ouimet put the personal phone number of the LCN journalist online on Facebook. Yves then wrote on Twitter: “In any case, a piece of robot to the former conspiratorial policeman, Maxime Ouimet, who published my cell as well as that of @TristanPeloquin on Facebook. His army of trolls flooded my voicemail with stupid and ridiculous comments this weekend. Nice try, guys! @tvanouvelles". Here is the people's policeman accusing Yves Poirier of making scoops. (via Board click)

Yves Poirier comments on the saga of the former Laval police officer who put his personal cell phone online

Former Laval police officer publishes personal phone number of TVA journalist

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