Viewer insults Sébastien Diaz because he wears colored nail polish

The talented Sebastien diaz recently received comedian Jay du Temple on his show We will tell each other at Radio-Canada. To give him a little wink, Sébastien put on some colored nail polish that he kept all week. From the start of the show, he said: “I just want to tell you. We are going to talk about it right away because this morning the team asked me what was going on. Ladies and gentlemen, I got into Jay Du Temple mode. It was my daughter Liv who did this to me yesterday with the greatest happiness. And my girlfriend told me that she finds a guy sexy who doesn't care.". One viewer really didn't like the idea, and she wrote the back of her mind. Bianca Gervais, the popular host's lover, responded to the comment with an excellent reply.

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