The song lyrics from the Barbies Resto Bar Grill commercials

The song of restaurant advertising Barbies Resto Bar Grill has become significant in Quebec. She has been acting for years on television in several different commercials. It's certainly an earworm or even a velcro song that we can't get out of our head. This advertising jingle has had its share of success: several comedians have used it in capsules for the web, we find on Youtube a version of 10 minutes as well as an electro remix and there is even the tablature to learn the guitar. (via Words Words)

To listen to the play Barbies Resto Bar Grill

The lyrics of the song of Barbies Resto Bar Grill

Barbies Resto Bar Grill
What place
What a feast and a whole lot of atmosphere!
Chez Barbies Resto Bar Grill
Ohhh Ohhh Ohhh Oh oh oh Barbie's

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