Loco Locass Biz publishes to end the saga with Olivier Primeau

We recently spoke to you aboutexchange between Biz of the Loco Locass group and Olivier Primeau concerning the English name of his restaurant Slice Gang Pizza. Biz decided to correct / follow up on his message, wishing the best for Olivier Primeau. He wrote: "Regarding my tweet about names in English. It's not a duel with @olivier_primeau I don't know the guy but I wish him success in his endeavors. The debate on the language in Quebec is collective, necessary, emotional, complex and must be done with respect.».

The whole story begins with the first tweet:

You haven't seen Olivier Primeau's restaurant which will soon open in Ste-Thérèse, here are the models with the name and the slogan:

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