Mikaël Lalancette announces that he is leaving TVA Sports

There is a change at TVA and TVA Sports! Daniel Melançon was recently dismissed from Salut Bonjour and Paul Rivard has chosen the option of leaving TVA Sports. Now it's the turn of the excellent Mikael Lalancette to leave the large network. He announced his decision today on Twitter by posting a message. We don't know yet what he will do next, but we wish him good luck!

Several colleagues and friends wrote him a message:

Gino Chouinard commented this morning at Salut Bonjour on the dismissal of Daniel Melançon

Host Paul Rivard is no longer at TVA

Anouk Meunier reacts to the surprise dismissal of her husband Daniel Melançon

He is linked in front of the TVA offices to pass to Denis Lévesque