After the Hochelag'opoly, here is the Serpents & Échelles edition of Hochelaga

We remember that the Hochelaga Business Development Company page released a Monopoly version of Hochelaga. They decided to make a new edition of a classic Snakes & Ladders game from Hochelaga. It's a really good idea, and what's more, this Snakes & Ladders will test your knowledge of the neighborhood in addition to being a drinking game. We can read on their page: "After the dazzling success of HOCHELAG'OPOLY, Hochelaga is launching its version of the famous game “Snakes & Ladders” just in time for the holidays! To the classic rules of the game, which will make you have a good time with your family, we have added a little creative "twist" for your parties, which will allow you to test your knowledge of the neighborhood while quenching your thirst (To your drinks!). " The game is available at the Pop-up Holiday Shop at 3707 Ontario Street East, for $ 25.

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