Le P'tit Québec is launching into cheese curds to make poutine

The popular brand P'tit Quebec just launched a new product. You can now buy P'tit Québec cheese curds to make a poutine. We can read on their website: "Very melting on a perfect poutine, these delicious pieces of cheese squeak to the biteWe suggest on their site to use this cheese to make a poutine with maple bacon, one sandwich baked beans with bacon and cheese curds or even bites of crispy cheese curds with panko and smoked paprika. The debate is launched on the web, for or against this new product?

Photo: A. Van Rassel

Here are the recipes that the P'tit Québec team offers:

Maple bacon poutine

Crispy Panko Cheese Curd Bites with Smoked Paprika

Baked bean sandwich with bacon and cheese curds

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