Everyone evacuated to RDS following 2 fire alarms

Just before the start of the live show on 5 to 7 on RDS waves, the fire alarm went off. Animator Frédéric Plante made a little video to show us what was going on in the studio, we can hear him say: "So I think we have to leave, when it's 16:57… we're all alone in the studio, we're going to leave". The other host of the show Yanick Bouchard looks extremely surprised at what is going on. It was only the beginning of the whole saga.

The 5-7 show was interrupted and all RDS employees were outside

Everything is back to normal…. BUT…

Another alarm went off and everyone had to go outside quickly

Everything is on pause again

Eventually the show started and this whole saga is over. We are very happy that there was no damage and that the RDS team can continue its good work!