Louis Morissette explains the threats he receives in particular because of the joke on Lucie Laurier

Comedian Sam breton welcomed to his podcast the talented Louis Morissette. This addresses all the threats he and Vero have received. Some people go so far as to find their address and knock on their door or even squat on their land. They also received threats because of the joke that Vero had made on Lucie Laurier during Gemini. Louis claims that a week ago, he had no choice but to call the police again. We understand that it should not be obvious, he finds it unpleasant: " That's stressful business, you might say, it's cellars on Youtube ... nothing will happen frankly. It's harmless, it's cuckoos ... yes it's cuckoos but the cuckoo sometimes it talks to people who are more there, we see a lot of mental illness in pandemic ...". (via It's normal in Quebec)

Segment starts at 1:13:08

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