Things are brewing for Olivier Primeau when he asks his subscribers to respect government rules

Olivier Primeau made a post to motivate its subscribers to obey government rules. He invites Quebeckers to be careful so that our hospitals are not overwhelmed. Oli is fed up with the people who are rebelling now: "So, do us a favor… respect the instructions and save your rebellion for oneanother time if you don't want to be locked up until Christmas.". He is also addressed to people who want to insult him: “Worse by the way instead of thinking about your little navel, be in solidarity with our medical staff who go to the front every day. If you're that brave, give up writing the mard hidden behind your cellphone and go give your time to help them. Otherwise follow the instructions and wait for it to pass.". Her post was hugely successful with over 8000 likes. (via Board click)


At least he takes it with humor